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Webmaster: Jeff David

Deputy Commissioner: Rick 'Bird' Auer

Commissioner Emeritus: Dick Dorsch

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Lineups should be available for editing within 48 hours of the completion of the draft.

Latest Results


Terrace0.74 Bangor-0.18
Rural Hall8.03 Lake Charles-0.20
Tonganoxie10.33 Augusta2.58
Kodiak8.44 Surrey5.16
Cohasset7.62 Western4.67
Carolina4.80 Eugene2.77

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There are two things that separate us from most fantasy-type baseball league. First, we have regularly scheduled head-to-head games using boxscores only from one days-worth of statistics rather than compiling a weeks-worth of statistics for a single result. Second, because of that we have never integrated pitching into the league. We only use hitters. This has worked out quite well. To get a better feel of how and why SBML operates the way it does, please visit the history and rules pages.

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